Tuesday, February 28, 2006

brass monkeys

Oh Man. I am in Edinburgh today, teaching 3rd Year Illustration students, but the heating is off and it's so COLD!
All the students are wearing hoodies - it looks like some kind of gang meeting, except there is no gun's n' bling.
I may have to wear my puffa jacket. Maybe I could complain and go home, because it is such a beautiful day outside.

However, the work that the students are doing is really good quality, so I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of them come up with. I set a postage stamp project...looks like they had fun.

Also, I am delighted to be up there on the Illustration Mundo front page...keep those votes coming in.

Better go do some star jumps to warm up...

Monday, February 27, 2006

new wolf picture - mid progress

Its a freebie I am working on for a very good designer - I was given the theme of "LONE {wolf}" and get a whole page to play with.
When I get asked for things like this, I always like to try something quite different to my normal illustration - something maybe more mysterious, or more playful. Its good for the soul to be able to work differently sometimes.
This is just me mucking about, but I kind of like it - it has a snowy peacefulness to it. The sky needs work though...it's too flat.
The hills obviously come from the same piece of artwork - so that needs variation too. But the red and the turquoise - I like that combo for sure.
I'll let you all know what becomes of the wolf picture.
Excitement! This is my first ever blog...ever.
So, be patient with me while I get used to all the blog elements and buttons and things I can do to make my blog more interesting for you.
I am kind of impulsive, so, of course I set up the blog without reading the instruction manuals...but I can go do that now, I suppose.

Quick intro -
Name - Jill Calder
Occupation - Illustrator and college lecturer
Lives - Scotland
Loves - drawing, dogs and more of all that later.
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