Sunday, January 24, 2010

Illustrating Julian Barnes

Lovely commission from Roger Browning at The Guardian to illustrate Julian Barnes' new short story, "Sleeping with John Updike".
Had to work super-quick on this one, as I was away teaching in Sunderland Uni on Monday when the call came through, and the first illo (for the inside spread) had to be in for Wednesday lunchtime. I had until Thursday to do the Cover art. ** adrenalin rush**

I love having meaty characters, with lots of undercurrent in the dialogue to work with - a dream!Thank you Julian Barnes.

Incidentally, I got a lovely email today from a well know wine writer, (who happens to be friends with Julian Barnes too) who loved the illos and said she would consider me for illustrating any of her future wine books! Considering most of my illustrations have someone with either a glass or a bottle in their hand, I'd say I would be suited to that particular project!

Off to Edinburgh for a spot of teaching all week, so getting ready for that tonight. I have a few potential jobs on the horizon, as well as tweaks to make on artwork for another advertising job I worked on last week too, so I need to be armed with laptop and all the various files and pen and inks. the words Pack and Horse come to mind when I see all the stuff I end up taking with me to Edinburgh!
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