Monday, October 25, 2010

"Delete This at Your Peril : The Bob Servant Emails" by Neil Forsyth

Exciting times indeed! It's not often that I illustrate a pair of book covers where the main character is a 64 year old Dundonian cheeseburger van owner, who is then played by a top Hollywood actor (fae Dundee too, by the way) AND the book is featured on the evening news and then in The Guardian...and then becomes the top selling book! So, you say, stop yer giddy blithering and tell us aboot it!

The highly amusing, Dundee-centric "Delete This At Your Peril : the Bob Servant Emails" by Neil Forsyth is "a side-splitting romp through the wonderful world of Bob Servant where we see him engage with hapless spam-merchants as he tries to outwit them with some outlandish schemes of his own."  - "A very,very funny book" says Irvine Welsh...and you don't mess with him.

You can read an extract from the book featured in The Guardian here
You can even buy the book (and it's partner "Bob Servant: Hero of Dundee") here
If you then become obsessed with Bob and want to know more you can visit his website and also follow him on Twitter too

... And to top it all, You can listen the wonderful Brian Cox play the part of Bob Servant on BBC Radio Scotland in a serialization of the book every Friday from October 29th 2010 at 1.45pm and midnight. It’s also available on BBC I-Player.

My part? Well, the lovely Jim Hutchison at Birlinn Books thought I might be the lass to illustrate and hand-letter the two covers - especially as I hail frae Dundee too (well, Broughty Ferry to be precise - Bobland Central) The author also played an important part in the art direction too - Bob is his creation afterall!
I am, however, quite chuffed with my digitally doodled Dundee sunset skyline in "Bob Servant: Hero of Dundee"

Perfect stocking fillers, folks.....
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