Wednesday, August 20, 2008

13 reasons for the Absentee Blogger...

It's been nearly 3 weeks since my last post which is criminal. Rest assured I have been a busy bee, which is a relief, as I was starting to think the credit crunch was working it's cruel magic.
Since the Images 32 big event in London I have been:

1. doing another Guardian illo about Garden Leave, commissioned by Sarah Habershon for the Work Section...pictured above.
2. quoting on a few juicy jobs which I am waiting to hear back from
3. Scribbling away for a Jennifer Weiner rebrand for Simon&Schuster
4. Doing some interesting black and white illos for a thrusting young design group called Sumo (job not complete yet, so I'll post them a bit later on)
5. Getting the go ahead for another New Yorker special edition for Mass Mutual!
6. Applying for a residency in Tasmania
7. Deciding where all the plug points and radiators are going to go in our epic house renovation (which hasn't even started yet and I am stressed)
8. Entering work for Images 33
9. Forgetting to enter work for Altpick Awards...but there might still be time yet.
10.Enjoying the Pittenweem Arts Festival, where I was showing some paintings at the Blue Door Gallery.
11. Making Potato Dauphinoise for the first time which was served with local roast haunch of venison from our local farm shop at Ardross
12. Celebrating my dog Charlie's 15th birthday.
13. Getting emotional when watching the Olympics.
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