Thursday, June 24, 2010

Golden Oldies # 2

Ah, just discovered this illo in an ancient Telegraph magazine (1999) -( yes I keep far too many magazines) so have dropped what I was doing to get it scanned in and blogged.
This was pre-Mac, so there is lots of Tippex all over the artwork to cover up blobby bits of ink, which you can't see in the printed version. I love what the designer has done with the type layout - it really adds to the illo and ties in well with the bit I was illustrating. Got to love a symbiotic illustrator/designer relationship :-)

Anyway - you should be able to read the article when you click on the image... enjoy the ostrich feathers!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Hibernacula Hit Wonder

Blimey, the first weekend of the East Neuk Open Studios went like a fair! I never even got a chance to sit down as there were so many people coming through the doors to speak to! Thank you to everyone - including some of the lovely followers of this blog - who came from near and far to visit my studio. It was great to meet you all!
Open Studios is not over though - it happens all over again next weekend (12th &13th June) so if you missed out please come on by.

One of my new ultra large prints  proved to be the hit wonder of the weekend, and I am ordering more of them today from Andrew, mentioned in the previous post. "Hibernacula Woods", despite the unseasonal wintery theme, is popular, it nearly made one woman cry she liked it so much (so she said in the visitors book). Here it is...
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