Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sunday Times Magazine - Art on Sunday

The Sunday Times Magazine has a had a wee bit of a make-over recently and they have a new feature called Art On Sunday. It's a pretty tiny spot but it does *ping* out of a page of Witter interviews and other written features. I was asked by them to illustrate the theme of "Sunday".
Out came my beloved Pentel Japanese Color brush pen and a slightly more muted and cosy colour palette. Dogs are a big part of my life, especially at the weekend so they had to feature. My husband cooks the BEST roast and roast tatties, Yorkshire puds and gravy ever and when it is on the table, the dogs circle like polite sharks. Birdwatching...well, I confess, since I moved to the countryside I seem to notice birds and wildlife a lot more than when I was in the city (but I don't own a pair of binoculors...yet). Don't ask me where the idea for the Birdwatcher came from - usually just the act of drawing gives me a chain of ideas - but I like that it made me laugh...and in my head the dog is just on the point of tapping Mr Twitcher on the shoulder to say "You do realise...?"

Just another Sunday. With a moody heron.
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