Friday, August 24, 2007

Illustration Friday - Visitors

It's Illustration Friday mad this week! I've put 2 in today, as I managed to get the Captain drawing in before Penelope changed the topic.
I did this week's Illo Friday image for The Guardian weekend magazine, for a wine column I sometimes illustrate.
The article was all about the utterly minging wine that is generally sold in corner shops and in garage shops here in the UK - so this couple, who were going to visit a friend, thought they would buy some from a pub (you'd think it would be a good place to get wine) - but no - it was even worse...and they got chased out the pub by the skinhead with the pool cue.
And all because they had missed the off-licence before it shut on a Sunday.

I love my wine, and may I offer you all a tip - try wine from the Margaret River area in Western Australia - especially the unoaked Chardonnay and the Semillon Sauvignon Blancs. Wineries of note are Leewuin, Madfish, Wise and Palandri. Bloody brilliant.

Also, last but not least, THANKYOU to all of you for the lovely comments on my blog referring to IF's choosing me as pick of the week - I am thrilled and chuffed to bits! But I won't let it go to my head, I promise.

Illustration Friday-Captain

Finally! I have done something new for Illo Friday! Give me a pat on the head....even if it a week late!
I have done a smutty Captain who is keen to dance with the ladies (and more) - in this case the Amazonian Scottish Cowgirl - who is having none of his furtive attempts to barndance round the Parade Square.

He does look good in his uniform though, bless.

Friday, August 10, 2007

illustration Friday - Emergency

Now, what is the bigger emergency? The fact you won't get your sliced honey roast ham for your lunchtime sandwiches, or that the Deli assistant appears to have sliced her hand off ( and looks quite happy about it)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Illustration Friday - Missing

Illo Friday again - and interpreting "Missing" in the loosest possible sense...

here's the story:

Two men are walking down Broughton Street in Edinburgh after
a big night oot in the toon
One of the men, Jeem, says to his pal, " I fancy a poke of chips, Tam"
"Aye", says Tam, "Gonnay go get us a poke of chips then...wi' salt n' sauce"
"Aye, aw'right then ma man, gie us a golden minute"
Jeem scoots off to the Rapido Chip Bar and waits in line, swaying ever so slightly.
The warm fug of chips'n' vinegary sauce waft over him.
30 minutes later (it was a long queue) Jeem and Tam are opening a steaming, big poke of chips.
"Braw, man - jist what eh needed the noo, eh?" said Tam, happily.
He took one solid, golden, steaming chip out of the brown paper bag, held it up to Tam's face and exclaimed:
" Where's ma effing sauce, man??? Eh?"

Thursday, August 02, 2007

miroslav sasek

oooh, I AM excited.
Am a bit under the weather today with a henious allergy so I always resort to a bit of interweb shopping to cheer me up.
I am delighted to say that purchasing 4 books by the wonderful illustrator Miroslav Sasek has done the trick.
His illustration work is so deceptively simple - but, although now very retro hip, still has a fresh modernity to it - which is why they keep re-releasing all his books!! It stands the test of time.
So, I bought "This is Hong Kong", "This is Venice", "This is New York" (of course) and "this is Texas"
I intend to buy This Is Edinburgh, as it is brilliant and I lived there for about 16 years.

All in , I am rediscovering the work of designers and illustrators such as Sasek, Paul Rand , and Saul Bass(see the pink/red/green pic here). Bold, graphic, fun, colourful and simple. Love it.
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