Friday, December 15, 2006

Illustration Friday-MASK

no posts for ages, then 3 at once!
Back to good old Illo Friday. This image is comprised of ink drawings, the inside of an envelope, and an old receipt from Hong Kong, plus some Photoshop. Its in my exhibition (see below) and is entitled "Henna Tattoo"....but it is still a mask.


forgot to say, but I got an exhibition on at the moment. It opened last week - but here's the invite anyway!
Its in Edinburgh - I'll get some pics of it and post them for all of you unable to pop down to see it.

its been a while...

I'll blame the weather - FOUL.
Actually, just me being too busy with illustration and teaching to make time to write here. *mental note* must make more effort!
Been doing some nice jobs over the last few months - here's a book jacket I did for Birlinn - it will be out in March 2007 if there are no more changes.
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