Friday, March 24, 2006

Illustration Friday - MONSTER!

Its been a while, I know..been busy illustrating!
Anyway, I have joined up to the Illustration Friday gang and here is this week's topic of Monster.

I was teaching in Preston last week and did a demo of how I create my illustrations, and created this image in doing so - OK I added the teeth and the mean looking eyes for Illustration Friday purposes....but the eerie moon was always there!


Sacred Suzie said...

Your artwork is very original and fascinating, I love the dark colours and mystery involved. I would love to hear about the process and the materials you use, I'm always fascinated by good art.

jill calder said...

hi nature girl, Thankyou!

I love drawing, and i use all sorts of materials to draw with, though ink is my favorite. I then scan into Photoshop and play around with all the tools that has to offer too! I don't want my illustrations to look too digital - I like the painterley aspect to shine through!

The Unknown said...

Col stuff. I love the creepy look on his face.

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