Thursday, August 02, 2007

miroslav sasek

oooh, I AM excited.
Am a bit under the weather today with a henious allergy so I always resort to a bit of interweb shopping to cheer me up.
I am delighted to say that purchasing 4 books by the wonderful illustrator Miroslav Sasek has done the trick.
His illustration work is so deceptively simple - but, although now very retro hip, still has a fresh modernity to it - which is why they keep re-releasing all his books!! It stands the test of time.
So, I bought "This is Hong Kong", "This is Venice", "This is New York" (of course) and "this is Texas"
I intend to buy This Is Edinburgh, as it is brilliant and I lived there for about 16 years.

All in , I am rediscovering the work of designers and illustrators such as Sasek, Paul Rand , and Saul Bass(see the pink/red/green pic here). Bold, graphic, fun, colourful and simple. Love it.

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stupot said...

I was given the Edinburgh book last year as a birthday present, when I was living in Japan. I used to use it when teaching kids, to let them understand about Scotland. It's so well observed. Travel guides should be more drawings and less talk!

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