Saturday, September 15, 2007

Illustration Friday - WEDDING!

Missed a couple of these cos of work, work, work - but I couldn't resist this one, especially as Brianna is now hitched! Congratulations to Brianna over there in Illustration Friday Land- hope you had a lovely day yesterday.

Now, this is an ALL INK illustration - not been near Photoshop (apart from being saved as a 72dpi image). Refreshing.
This illo is all about how a photobooth sees so many weird and wonderful people using it - are photobooths out of fashion now that we have phones that take pictures? Hope not.
Anyway, this couple are wanting to get their wedding pics taken oin the booth, but they are having to wait for the Cowboy who can't get his lasso action quite right...ho hum


Janice said...

its got a great retro feel

thefridayfrog said...

it's fantastic, jill. i love the use of color...his 2 tone suit, the bright pinks...

what do you use for that pen line? quill? that looks really great against the flat color blocks.

Diana Koehne said...

and so refreshing without photoshop!

Paul Bommer said...

as ever jill
and very funny

Elin said...

I REALLLLLLLY like this.

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