Thursday, October 11, 2007

Illustration Friday-OPEN

Hello everyone,

This Illustration Friday is an extra special one as it has the promise of an exhibition in California at the end of it for 25 lucky IFers. May the best 25 win!!

So...OPEN. What does this one mean?
Well, There is nothing better than kicking back on the sofa with your man, woman, dog (all 3?), relaxing and OPENING a bottle of wonderful wine.

Ah, that's better.


scribblesk said...

Looking mighty cosy. Great style!

Paul Bommer said...

that is so beautiful
you never cease to inspire and amaze me

Paul Bommer said...

hey jill

nice to hear from you.
and thanks for the kind words.
Yes, I'm starting to really enjoy the work I'm doing now, for the first time really since starting out about 5 years ago! better late than never,eh!?
Not yet sure whether it will prove a financial success, or career suicide, we'll see, but doing what you enjoy has to be the right way to do it now. Am really enjoying the mistakes that come with biro, pencil, dip pen and ink &c., the energy and simplicity ( to say nothing of the time saved!).
Yes, I'll be at the IMAGES thang, I'm part of the furniture at these things.
Hope to come up to Edinburgh to see my brother and his wife in the spring/ for beltane - maybe I can get them to drive us out to Cellardyke. I think they took us there once before, when they were the chief vets in Kirkcaldy.
Your work, btw, is as wonderful as ever,
paul x

Paul Bommer said...

When is the ICON thing anyway?
Maybe a bit too pricey for my small wallet, tho it sounds great, a friend from my collective, mariko Jesse, went last time, in San Fran, and had a great time. And made some very useful contacts too I think.

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