Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am painting again

Finally I have been super inspired to do some painting again - all these trips to foreign climes must be doing it.
The colours of the Australian outback and the work of the Aboriginal artists has got me experimenting somewhat.
I have a thing for birds at the moment too - not just the amusing bunch that inhabit my back garden but now I have all the excellent exotic birds that I saw in Oz and in Singapore too. The Jurong Bird Park was amazing, especially the scarlet ibis.
So, I am working on a variety of paintings at the moment with an Outback/bird/landscape.
Here's one - its called Rainbirds and is ink and acrylic paint on board. I actually first showed this at The Open Eye Gallery
in Edinburgh.
Check out this Aussie inspired work in progress -not got a title yet, but based in the goldfield lands north of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia
More new work of mine will be on show at the lovely Fisher Gallery in Pittenweem from June 14th until July 27th this year.

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Eyectados del Infierno said...

beautifull collors!!! Nice

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