Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Clean

I have been going through all the files on my Mac, iBook and on the Lacie drive having a bit of a spring clean and sort out. Yes, I know that sounds mad, but sometimes you come across a forgotten gem, that lurks in the dusty corners of the computer just waiting to be re-discovered and thrust into the spotlight that is Blogspot.
I used to illustrate the Sunday Herald newspaper health column for nearly 2 years, so there were heaps and heaps of images - these are a couple of them - Chlamydia (mmm, I get the fun ones to do) and Prostrate Cancer.

For the prostrate cancer one, I remember the art director asking me not to draw any genitalia! The whole tone of the article was about how so many men can get really embarrassed about going to the doctor because they would have to drop their trousers for an examination that could save their life, so I thought that I would ignore her and just make a point out of it all, as this disease is such a killer. It got published.

As you can see, I was in a flat colour kind of mode then - still pen and ink but more graphic than my current work. Funny how style develops!

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