Thursday, June 05, 2008

Byre Theatre Exhibition Opens

Finally, one of the shows I am part of this summer has opened!
I am part of an excellent Open Studios group where I live - ENOS - and the lovely Jo Whitney has organised this group event in the fantastic venue of the Byre Theatre in historic St Andrews (yes - where Price William was a student)
This ink and acrylic painting incorporates my current fascination with cats - there are so many in my street. Now , I am a dog woman through and through, but I like observing the relationship these cats have with my dogs and with the local of disdain and craftiness. Life is tough in the countryside!


aimee said...

jill, i found your work on illustration mundo - it's gorgeous.
i love your use of color. thanks for brightening my sunday!

Laura Armstrong said...

Hey Jill,

This is a really nice image. I keep trying to figure out how you build them up so nicely. With me I always get the ink mixing and it turns into huge brownish colour of doom. Hope your well, look forward to doing some more projects next year.

Laura x

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