Saturday, June 21, 2008

East Neuk Open Studios - Day 1

It's been a busy old day in Cellardyke, with lots of visitors to my studio - and still 2 hours to go! Thank goodness the weather is warm and sunny as that brings people out and about. In fact King Creosote and some of the Fence musicians have just popped in for a blether and look around - *touched by fame*!
The last two days have been all about tidying my studio (and the house), making sure there are pictures in frames, cards for people to buy and, of course, some freebie bits and bobs - usually my Contact Illustrator run-ons and any odd postcards I have around the place
Despite it being a busy weekend, I am also working on a job for the Guardian and so all my inks are out and people are really curious about how I approach an illustration job from brief to final execution...I am happy to answer all the questions!
Open Studios is a great way of meeting folk - neighbours and people who have travelled from further afield (Dundee!). Today I have met a former illustrator turned musician, a former artist from Seattle turned golf caddy at St Andrews and a filmaker who is currently working with Stephen Poliakof. Just goes to show that East Neuk is rarely dull and you never know who will show up!

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