Monday, June 23, 2008

New Guardian Weekend Job

Hurray for Pauline Doyle looking at my new website, as it resulted in a nice wee job for The Guardian Weekend Magazine - not done an illo for them in a while.
It is for the relationships column and is all about what causes the "Seven Year Itch " in a relationships. Mainly partners not listening, is the main reason...and picking your bum/ears/nose - sometimes simultaneously - which can get a bit tiresome for your partner to look at after a while (seven years).
As soon as I got the email with the copy on Thursday evening, I started to doodle ideas on the printout, as seen here - then I move on to my sketchbook.
Initial ideas were based around repeats of the same couple but in opposite settings, using the cutout folded paperman idea - YES!FAR TOO COMPLICATED, I agree!I couldn't get it to work.
Anyway, I have been developing ideas in the sketchbook over the weekend and I sent my colour rough to Pauline this morning, which has been approved!
I do love putting a bit of awkward body language and facial expressions in my work, so here is an apparently "OK" couple, but the rot has set in...they will be scratching in no time!
You can catch this illustration in the Guardian Weekend Magazine on Saturday 12th July....and if you missed it on Saturday 12th July, I finally got round to posting the finished illustration above.

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