Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carry on Caring /Leith Agency

Blimey, that's a blog title that trips off the tongue!
Anyway, have had a bit of fun with some illustrations for part of Leith's National Care Standards campaign for the Scottish Government.
This is a big Scottish TV, print, web etc campaign...and get this - my part is to illustrate the poster, CD and booklet for a specially commissioned play, called "Carry On Caring",which will tour around Scotland, promoting this important initiative for carers and the people they care for.
The play is in the true British, cheeky chappy comedy style of Sid James et al's Carry On classic films. OOOOOOooh I DO say....
here are a few spots from the booklet:

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Paul Bommer said...

hullo jill

This is so beautiful
looks yummy

great to see you at the LCC the other day. And a huge massive congratulations on having your designs plastered all over everything! It looks absolutely wicked. And you well deserved it.
best, paul x

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