Friday, May 11, 2007

New Yorker-as promised

I am so slow to add these...but that is because I have been busy illustrating an article about a lovely company in the States that sells sex toys and other such earthly delights. Seriously. I'll put it up once it is published because it was great fun to do.
Anyway, here are some(3) of the finished New Yorker illos - you can see a full story about this on the Ispot too (in the Art Talk section).
In connection with this job, I had a great trip to NYC in April - many thanks to Sophy at F&J and the seriously funny Jating who did a great Tyra impersonation. It was so exciting meeting the New Yorker team too - they are lovely and their Conde Nast cafe is rather good too (a la Devil Wears Prada)
The New Yorker and the Mass Mutual people are having me back to the Big Apple later in June to a little soiree at Times Square - I think I have to do a presentation, but if I can do that in front of 60 demanding students then I can do it anywhere (do I hear Frank Sinatra in the background?)

Enough. Let me know the skinny.

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Glen McBeth Illustrator said...

good pics for the NY Jilly. Nice to hear you're doing your unltimate job of illustrating for a sex toy company! Are they publishable on the blogsite or will you need a 'parental guidance' notice on them! Catch you soon Gxx

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