Monday, July 16, 2007

The New Yorker Presentation/June07

Whey hey - here it is, a bit late as usual - a few photos of my BIG NIGHT at Conde Nast., New York
I had been asked over to NYC again to do a 10-15 minute presentation about my work (with reference to the Mass Mutual job) to an eclectic audience of Mass Mutual worthies, New Yorker and Conde Nast folk and, of course, some of the wonderful New Yorker subscribers!
Audra Asencio organised the whole deal and, wow, what a job she made!
There were about 130 people there and my talk was billed to be the focus of the evening (as I discovered, when I arrived...).

My talk started with a quote by a chap called James Finlay - "Nothing encourages creativity more than the chance to fall flat on one's face" - well, it works for me, I can tell you.
I went on to explain that "fear" was always a factor in motivating me and for making me push my ideas and techniques further. Maybe I came across as terribly British when I said that!? Who knows. It all went very well, and I even got a few laughs too.
At the end, there were loads of questions - really good ones too, which put me on the spot but which I endeavoured to answer as best I could. The one about illustration not being used in Presidential/political campaigns kind of stumped me though and I may have waffled a bit about Polish posters and Gerald Scarfe
Anyway, I told them that the antidote to fear was a pencil...and to just draw, draw, draw...and proceeded to show lots of drawings and roughs and idea pages.
Sophy at F&J took the pics! That's me and Yassmina from F&J - total stars

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