Friday, August 03, 2007

Illustration Friday - Missing

Illo Friday again - and interpreting "Missing" in the loosest possible sense...

here's the story:

Two men are walking down Broughton Street in Edinburgh after
a big night oot in the toon
One of the men, Jeem, says to his pal, " I fancy a poke of chips, Tam"
"Aye", says Tam, "Gonnay go get us a poke of chips then...wi' salt n' sauce"
"Aye, aw'right then ma man, gie us a golden minute"
Jeem scoots off to the Rapido Chip Bar and waits in line, swaying ever so slightly.
The warm fug of chips'n' vinegary sauce waft over him.
30 minutes later (it was a long queue) Jeem and Tam are opening a steaming, big poke of chips.
"Braw, man - jist what eh needed the noo, eh?" said Tam, happily.
He took one solid, golden, steaming chip out of the brown paper bag, held it up to Tam's face and exclaimed:
" Where's ma effing sauce, man??? Eh?"


Susan Schwake said...

awh, i love this jill! thanks for stopping by my blog, so now i found you! great story/illustration.

frank-h said...

sorry - i didnt read the story, but the illo is GREAT! - original and appealing. i liked it.

Bella Darkweaver said...

Oh, this is so funny! I love both your story and your illo! Well done :).

get zapped said...

Great illo. Love the expressions and your simple color and style.

Glen McBeth said...

mmm may get some chips for me tea!

Jill Calder said...

Thanks for your comments - I do love this illo and glad it has found a good home in the Illustration Friday Series.
As for the story - if you follow the link from the blog title - you will get a wee review of the Rapido Fish and Chip Bar...and there is anexplantion of sorts about the Scottish east coast (I think it is just Edinburgh, actually) love of Salt n' Sauce instead of Salt n' Vinegar
I prefer S n' V meself...Glen, what do you say??!

bookbabie said...

fun illo:)

imwithsully said...

Ooh. I wish I would have know about that when we were in Edinburgh. My husband's family is from Scotland, so he got a kick out of this one.

Rayne said...

I love the illo. I like the colors and lines. I totally enjoyed the story! I think I liked it better than the illo.

The Unknown said...

Cool illo. Love the look of the guy holding the chips.
And proof you should always take care of your own chips eh?

Tina Poe said...

I love the delicate gesture in the figures.

Anonymous said...

i don't know which is better...the loose style or the story!

Glen McBeth said...

The chip from someone else's bag is always more tasty than the ones from your own. A lesson in life - be happy with your chips.

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