Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Moly

The internet is a wonderful thing.
I joined Flickr about 4 weeks ago (maybe less) and quickly added favourites after browsing around other people's flickr sites.
I came across a Moleskin Sketchbook appreciation flickr and clicked a few pages as faves, and joined the group.
Then Marty Harris from Minnesota asked me to join the Moleskin Exchange he and some others have started.
There are 198 (and rising) artits and scribblers in this group, and exchanges start all the time. Some with themes, some just random - I believe the latest one is wanting someone from each continent to be part of the exchange group, but are having trouble finding a bod from Antarctica (though I know there is an artist and a poet down there at this minute, as part of the British Antarctic Survey)

So - I got my lovely Japanese fold moleskin books today, I need to fill 5-7 pages and then send on to Marty. In turn I will receive one from Aggole in Hong Kong. This exchange is called Moly_X_1 and there are other artists from South Africa, and Brazil in our group too.
The pic above is NOT part of this exchange. but just some drawings I did at the V&A Museum in London (Victoria and Albert) - I loved the little figurine with a clay pipe from the 17th Century!

Check out the blog created for our little exchange and follow the work:

1 comment:

Paul Bommer said...

he's a No Body, isn't he?!
I love that room in the V&A
that amazing bed, the Great Bed of Ware is there too
beautiful drawing Jill

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