Monday, March 17, 2008

Illustration Friday-Heavy

Done it a bit differently this week.
This is actually a page of ink drawings I did in preparation for an illustration for the Student magazine at UCLA.
So - you get an insight into my doodling methods AND see some ropey drawing too!
I really like the 2 drawings of the chubby little girl (I only used one of them in the end)

Method: dip pen, Ecoline Ink and some nice Fabriano paper.
I added the colour via photoshop.


piiamyllyselka said...

Nice linework! I really like the characters and the expressions on their faces.

Tim Hunt said...

I really enjoy seeing "rough" work. Sometimes sketches are much more interesting than something more polished. Thanks!

SENTA said...

I love looking at the process people go through to get to their illustration...this is great!

kimberley said...

What nice drawings! fun to look at.

Monica said...

I love seeing sketches, they are always fresh and full of expressions. It's a treat to see your doodles and the way you work. Thanks for sharing!

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