Thursday, May 15, 2008

Australian Paintings - sneak view

I have 2 shows coming up and have been working on several new paintings for them - I showed you some a few posts back.
Well, I need to get them to the framers on Monday, so I have to get them finished this weekend!
I was in Australia over the Christmas and New Year as a good friend of mine was getting married. They have a lovely farm in the hills out the back of Perth in WA, where we stayed for a while. The birds on that farm are amazing - you get emus, of course, but the black parrots, green parakeets and the tiny, electric blue Fairy Wren, which would come and sit on the wire fence outside the verandah. Kangaroos everywhere at dawn and dusk...and some large wolf spiders too.
Here is a section of a painting called "Parakeets at Gidgegannup"...the orange looks a bit flat in the scan, as the saturation has gone way up in the scanning. There are lots of tiny details which youmaybe cannot see here, but you get the idea.

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