Tuesday, May 06, 2008

An ELLE in progress...

I am working with the refreshingly direct designers at ELLE Netherlands to do 3 full page illustrations for their July issue, which is quite good fun, actually.
The job is for the Horoscope specials and needs to have all the symbols in there - 4 per illo. I have to do it quite subtly, and tie it in with their ethos - young, modern, confident and fashionable (and no hair in pigtails).
I am in the process of trying to draw slightly prettier(!) women, but here is a current rough - spot the symbols! This one IS going to be changing quite a bit, as the beret is a bit too wintery...and the birds are OUT (more flowers IN)
These changes might all seem a bit prescriptive, but it is a good process whereby you create work that you are happy with, aswell as delighting the client.

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