Sunday, May 11, 2008

more Elle progress reports

Well, I have been working on the three Elle illustrations all week - really enjoying them, as I do love doing a foxy portrait, using colour and some of my ink drawings. John Singer Sargent IS an inspiration, you know - especially Madame X and Lady Agnew of Lochnaw (which is on show at the National Gallery of Scotland)
The art direction is quite strict in terms of what the females need to look like - and about the clothes they are wearing too.
I've been told the girls need to be prettier and the clothes summery but fashionable. Now, I do love fashion but being a country bumpkin these days, I tend to forget my fashionista roots. However, I discovered the wonder that is for all my fashion reference - roll on Diane Von Furstenberg and Mikey and Alice Temperley does rather nice threads too. Maybe I need to include some Dutch designers too...mmm.
Anyway, this portrait with the champagne glass is my self termed, night-time clubber one - the girl with a bit of danger in her eyes. She is also sporting a custom designed Aquarius salmon skin belt in Screaming Teal. Really.
The really hard looking girl was the one that got rejected - for being too hard and Eighties looking (note: my fashion sense was honed in that decade, so maybe it has come back to haunt me)
I think these illos might make good prints once they are finished - and alongside my USAville Girl portrait, could be a rather fetching quartet on anyone's wall...

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