Monday, September 08, 2008

CMY and K

Never have I given so much thought to the humble 4 Colours of the Apocolypse. That doesn't make any sense, but it has a ring to it, don't you think ?
CMYK - it could replace YMCA and you would only have to figure out how to do the "A" arm signal when on the discoteque floor (answers on a postcard please).
Anyway - I am going slightly loopy, as I am up in Edinburgh tomorrow and Wednesday, donning my inky overcoat in the eca Printworkshop in order to screenprint my part of the Imprint: 500 Years of Printing in Scotland project we are doing (see previous post). I FEEL like I have been printing for 500 years here in the studio, as I am doing a mongrel print - a hybrid of digital and screen - and so am printing the digital bits and it takes a while.
CMYK features, of course. I have never been one to use them together as a colour palette before, but I have to say I am quite hooked now - jiggle them about a bit, so they don't quite fit and, Bingo! you get fuzzy vision. You'll be seeing more CMYK from me I think.
Anyway,I was going to do something with King James IV but instead I have recycled a drawing of a rather brutish looking chap, who looks like he is from the 60's, but in my mind for this picture he is a printer - a Print Manager, or maybe a Print Operations,no...a Pre Press Repro Manager, that's it. He's worried. Books are going digital. The Book is Dead. Long Live the Book.
here is a tiny morsel of my image - miniscule.
500 years of No Printing in Scotland is the name of the follow-up exhibition.

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