Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MORE Jill/ New Yorker/Mass Mutual illustration!

The October 27th issue of The New Yorker is OUT NOW!
Rush out and buy a copy, if only to see the latest Mass Mutual campaign, called "What is the Sign of a Good Decision?" that is previewed within it's lovely pages, featuring yours truly plus a host of other illustrators from both sides of the Pond.
Myself, Giselle Potter, Paul Wearing and Ann Field are all repped with Friend and Johnson and we were all rather excited to be working on a joint project.
The other illustrators, Bonnie Timmons, Rob Roth and Sally Blakemore have great style and ideas - especially Annabel Wright, another Scottish illustrator. Love her work.

So what were we asked to do?
Basically, Mullen the advertising agency who masterminded the campaign, gave us some concepts based around the idea of What a Good Decision could be...or we could come up with our own ideas! That's what I did, and as I had a whole page to play with, I could have some fun. I decided to show the cool, calm, collected and even slightly glamorous woman who loves her Caribbean hols, but does not love sunburn, versus her rather hassled, hot and bothered mate, who loves the sun a bit too much.

The big launch for this campaign will be in the New Yorker Times Square building in Manhatten in November, but I CAN'T GO!Cue Wailing and gnashing of teeth.Instead, I will be in the flinty Granite City (Aberdeen) working with some primary school kids on another exciting project which MIGHT mean meeting Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales himself...more to be revealed at a later date!!


JJ said...

HI, well if you can't go to NY, I will go for you! I mean we have the same name and everything, so I don't think there would be a problem!! heheh

Kathleen Toohey said...

I love love your use of color and texture! :)

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