Friday, October 03, 2008


Graphic Design and Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art present Open Here, an exhibition organised as part of the anniversary celebrations of 500 Years of Printing in Scotland (1508-2008).

Please go along and have a look at lots of lovely prints completed by the staff and ex students in our brand spanking new Print Workshop.
My print is a combination of digital print, screen print with a final dash of thermographic powder on the ink pool, to make it look glossy and a bit like an oil slick. I deliberately wanted to make it difficult to see which bit was digitally printed and which was screenprinted.
Above image with type is by my friend, designer Derek Green, who also did the microsite and lovely little film for the exhibition.
We have ALL been working like mad this week to get the show ready (I have been label queen) for the grand opening tonight at 5.30pm. I think we will all be looking forward to a nice plastic cup full of wine...

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