Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's not Illustration...but so what?

My husband and I are dog people. We love dogs.
Our lovely old black lab, Charlie was put to sleep a couple of weeks ago (or as we say in dog parlance, "he went to the bridge") and we miss him sorely. However, he was nearly sixteen, so he kived to a very ripe old age and was pretty active right up to his last day. There are so many pictures of this dog of mine, but here is a drawing I did of him last year, which I suppose does tie in with my blog.
We still have a wonderfully loony choc lab called Dougal, who is at my side right now, snoring.
But it's good to have 2 dogs...SO, we have decided to get another pup.

We met her on Sunday, deep in the wilds of south west Scotland, and she is a wee cracker - a proper little thug. Bizarrely she is related to Dougal and is in fact his grand niece.
Dougal is not going to know what has hit him when puppy arrives - but I can't wait!

Here is a video the puppies with their mum, Tia, at 3.5 weeks old. We think our one is the confident little black pup, busy clambering over all the others. *heart melt*

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selectdesign said...

Ahhhhhh! What a treat to see these pups! Sorry to hear about your Charlie - that's a hard thing to go through, but am glad you will soon have your new pup - and I'm sure Dougal, once he gets over the shock ;) will be too!

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