Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Great Outdoors - Independent Magazine

I was asked by the lovely Stephen Petch at The Independent to illustrate a feature in their Outdoors Special edition, to be published 8th May in The Magazine. Sneak preview here!

The piece is written by four different writers (and all round well-kent faces):
Alex James,Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Joan Bakewell and John Walsh, whose story about his first time horse-riding I did this illustration for. I am a bit wary of drawing horses, but I hope I pass the test here!I like the rider's faces the best.
There were 4 illos in total, including a full page for Joan Bakewell's story about her first time youth hostelling in the 1940's.

It was an ace job to work on - but a bit of a nightmare logistically. I was away teaching, and so only had my 5 year old iBook (g4! shock horror!) to work on. Not ideal, so I then decided to work on the college computers in the evening - lots of different versions of the images were being bandied about on USB sticks etc , so it all got a bit confusing. I have promised to buy myself a new MacBook (pro?) with my fee for the job!

I have to say - it was great to work with another national newspaper. Sometimes I feel it is just The Guardian that commissions illustrators these days!
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