Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Turning Point Scotland illustrations

This is the third job I have worked on with designer Michael Dancer for Turning Point Scotland, a charity that provides residential rehabilitation services for people with alcohol and drug addictions and mental health and learning disabilities.
This particular job was for their Mile End service, which supports individuals with learning
and physical disabilities in their own homes providing varying levels of person centred support.

Michael just wanted me to do sheets of drawings that he could then use in the brochure and website - the budget was not big, as you can imagine, so I was happy to work like this.
Here are a couple of the sheets.


Kayleigh said...

these are lovely. i love the colour and style, how have you created these? it looks like ink but also digital. theyre lovely either way.

Jill Calder said...

Kayleigh, Thanks for your comments! All of these illustrations have been done with pen and black ink - pretty much drawn on the paper as you see them here. I then scan them into photoshop and add the colour.

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