Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tick Tock tick tock...with Draftfcb

This was a great job I worked on with art director Merry Natalia in the New York office of Draftfcb .
It's for a contraceptive brand called PlanB and had to be handled very carefully so that the artwork hit the right note - there were a few re-workings to achieve this!!
Working with combining illustration and lettering with a restricted, yet feminine colour palette, these illustration sets were for a story board for a potential animation. The work was also used in press ads.

It's a change to see me working with pastel colours, instead of full on brights - but I really enjoyed the challenge!


Holly Surplice said...

These are really lovely Jill. It looks great in the pastel colours - very different for you!

milomade said...

Wow - this looks amazing! I love the sound of the flavours - might have to hire this talented lady to make me something special for my 40th in January as I always have to bake my own cake as Colin cannot be relied upon to mix eggs, flour and sugar and make something tasty with the mix.

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