Saturday, April 23, 2011

Contact 27 is out NOW!

Just to say that Contact 27 landed on my doorstep last week (with a slightly smaller thud than last year)
The beautiful cover image was done by my friend and fellow lettersmith, Sarah Coleman AKA Inkymole - I think they should have made it much bigger! Still, you get to see a dps of her fab work inside...
AND if you turn to page 33 (or maybe it's page 31) you will see my page!
The images I used this year were mostly all part of a job I did for Turning Point Scotland, but I just rearranged them and added some extra bits and pieces to make it work in the Contact page template.

Will I do Contact next year? I am not sure yet...the book gets smaller and smaller and it becomes less and less obvious if it actually works as a means of self promotion. I always ask clients how they came about my work and the answer is usually "online" , or "from the emailer or postcards you sent me".
Let's see what 27 brings in and then make a decision!

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